Terrorismo sunni en Líbano

Información de la actividad terrorista en esta zona geográfica que incluye los países del Golfo y vecinos, Israel y Mar Rojo.
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Un atentado mata a un diputado antisirio y otras cinco personas en Beirut
El legislador fallecido era Antoine Ghanem, del Partido Falange cristiano. La explosión, que provocó 20 heridos, se produce a seis días de la elección presidencial.
“Non aurum sed ferrum liberanda patria est”
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Eliminación selectiva de un lider de Fatah al Islam en Siria. Al parecer, el sujeto no se llevaba muy bien con el régimen sirio y ha pasado lo que tenía que pasarle en estas circunstancias.
Fatah al-Islam's God Father Assassinated in Syria
The Reputed Mentor of Fatah al-Islam and other notorious Islamist terrorists operating in Lebanon and Iraq was gunned down in Syria Friday.

Mahmoud Gul Aghasi, a Kurd who goes by the name of Abu al-Qaaqaa, was killed by a gunman who stepped out of a car and opened fire at him from an automatic weapon as he walked out of a mosque in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo after Friday noon prayers, according to an Agence France Presse report attributed to witnesses and medical sources.

Aghasi was hit in the head and stomach and passed away a few hours later in Aleppo's al Shaaba hospital, according to a medical source at the hospital. Three people with him were wounded in the attack.

Witnesses said one of his attackers was detained by Aghasi's followers. Al-Qaaqaa was known for his anti-American views and recordings calling for holy war against U.S. forces, and had set up a group which recruited young men to fight coalition forces in Iraq.

He had recently fallen foul of fellow jihadists, however, for allegedly colluding with the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad, and several extremist websites had called for his assassination. Al-Qaaqaa, according to reliable sources, was responsible for preaching the radical doctrine to Jihadi recruits at a camp in Syria before dispatching them to fight in Iraq, and most recently in Lebanon.

The sources said al-Qaaqaa was the God Father of Fatah al-Islam militants and their terrorist mastermind Shaker Abssi, who remains at large in north Lebanon after the army finished off his group in a 106-day battle in Nahr a-Bared on Set. 2.(Naharnet-AFP)

Beirut, 29 Sep 07, 10:15
La necesidad permite lo prohibido.
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Re: Terrorismo sunni en Líbano

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¿se acuerdan de Shaker Abssi? Podría estar muerto.
Fatah al-Islam Says Abssi Probably Killed in Syria
Fatah al-Islam leader Shaker Abssi has probably been captured or killed in Syria, according to a statement purportedly posted by the terrorist group on an Islamic militant website.
Abssi went on the run last year after his group battled the Lebanese army for weeks inside the northern Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared. The statement attributed to Fatah al-Islam said Abssi fled Lebanon in 2007 and went to Syria.

It claimed he and two other members of the group were later ambushed by Syrian security forces in Jermana, a small town south of Damascus. The three might have been detained, but most likely were killed, the statement said, without providing further details.

"We don't know his (Abssi's) fate, but we believe he probably was martyred, but we don't have solid evidence," said the statement, which could not be independently verified.

There was no immediate comment from Syrian authorities about the statement posted on a website commonly used by Islamic militant groups, including al-Qaida.

In the statement, the group said it elected Abu Mohammed Awad as its leader but gave no further details.

Syria's government last month blamed Fatah al-Islam for a car bombing in Damascus that killed 17 people in September.

Syrian state television aired purported "confessions" of alleged Fatah al-Islam members in custody and one suspect identified as the group's security chief said Abssi was smuggled into Syria from Lebanon but hasn't been heard of since July. He added that Abssi's hand-picked successor, Awad, was chosen as their leader and that he was based in the southern refugee camp of Ein el-Hilweh.

Awad has not been seen for months and is believed to either gone deep underground or slipped out of the camp, an infamous haven for militants.

The more than three-month siege at Nahr al-Bared camp ended in September 2007. The Lebanese government said about 220 militants and 168 soldiers were killed, while Palestinian officials put the Palestinian civilian death toll at 47.

Lebanese officials say Fatah al-Islam, which had set up a base at Nahr al-Bared in late 2006, is made up of Muslim extremists of various nationalities.

They say Abssi is a Palestinian linked to the late leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was sentenced to death in absentia in Jordan for his involvement in the 2002 murder of U.S. diplomat Laurence Foley in Amman.(AP-AFP-Naharnet)

Beirut, 10 Dec 08, 04:20
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Re: Terrorismo sunni en Líbano

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Según el Jefe del Ejército libanés, se han abortado varios atentados de Al-Qaeda en países de Oriente Medio (entre ellos Siria, Líbano, Iraq y países del Golfo):
"We busted a huge network of Al-Qaeda," Lebanese Brigadier General Jean Kahwaji was quoted as saying by Assiyasah newspaper.

The network was plotting to "destabilise Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Gulf countries including Kuwait," Kahwaji said at a function held at the Lebanese embassy in Kuwait City.

He provided no details about the date of the arrest, nor the number of those arrested or their nationality. There was no immediate confirmation from Beirut.

"We have fought against terror in Lebanon and I can affirm that we have broken its back and succeeded in uncovering people dealing with it," Kahwaji said. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18/20090615/tw ... d7efd.html
http://blog.lebanesetag.com/2008/09/bri ... hwaji.html
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Re: Terrorismo sunni en Líbano

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Se han abortado o no ha interesado ejecutarlos.

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